Kaleidoscope Poem by Nelson J.
Contorting red and orange
Elecricity that Bursts
To a frantic dance of light
Clouds hang down to hear
Whispered words that glow
They gather in a closet space
Incised into th enight
The walls here that were placed
By the hands of firelight
The fire twisting seeps and glows
Shadows in the flames will grow
Things we've never seen
Become familiar
Constellations swarm like bees
Pulsing, gathering, faster, closer, hotter
The myriad shudders once and explodes
In an instant there are none
The flames and clouds and stars all gone
Leaving you the only one.

Kaleidoscope Poem by Jared L.
Talking blue green
Car jumping
Into the scene
Boy staring at the passing guy
Cruising in his Impala
With his rap music up high
Flaunting all of his money with his big chrome wheels
Looking really rich with his 20 inch steels
Causing a commotion and looking like he's bad
As he pullls into the driveway of his million dollar pad
He's living the lifestyle of a big rich king
He made a couple million just because he could sing
He's going to take it easy and sit back for a while
As the money keeps coming in and he lives the lifestyle
His car is really blue and his pockets are full of green
And that's why, my friends,
I'm talking blue green.

Kaleidoscope Poem by Cassie A.
Whispering yellow and pink
Daisies jumping
Underneath the sky
Fairies bounding in the wind
Little girls laughing
Within a garden
Bunnies burrow nest
Upon the heavens
Reaching their arms
Streams churning
Leaves falling
While birds are singing
Within parks hanging
Who fly with
Beautiful lilac butterflies
Just like you

Kaleidoscope Poem by Laura S.
Dancing purple and pink
Bunny hopping
In the city
Girl chatting on the phone
Wacky day laughing
From juicy berries
Stars flashing sideways
Into smiles
Brilliant tunes
Climbing outside the notes
Feet bouncing
Onto clouds
Hearts jumping
Around circles
We dance
Funky beat wakes
Now you try.

Kaleidoscope Poem by Therese H.
Smiling red and pink
You run
Into me
Men forming in a line
Gray swirls a line
They march
Brisk yet slow
Inching closer
Look at me
You look down
We break
I part yet watch
You turn back

Hometown Poem by Victor G.
"Fort Leavenworth, Kansas"
My house is 1/2 a mile from a state prison.
I know just how the prisoners feel.
It's just a different cell I'm in.
All the houses are built the same
Just like the prison cells.
There's no way out
Nothing to do
Just like the prison yard.
The people outside treat you differently
Just like they would an ex-convict.

Hometown Poem by Kelly M.
"Zionsville, Indiana"
This little town is my home
A place I will never be alone
Family-owned shops
And lazy, chubby cops
Are ingredients in our town
That make it safe and sound
To keep our world free of trouble
We are lucky to have a protective bubble
The sun has set and no one's around
It's nine o'clock and the town's shut down

Hometown Poem by Mike M.
"Friday's Games" (Zionsville, Indiana)
It's become very routine,
The whole town comes to the Eagles' scene.
Rain, sleet or snow
It is imperative that you go.
We run and hit to please the crowd,
We can tell they're satisfied if they grow loud.
The field is our battlefield,
To please the crowd, we must not yield.
They expect the best from their children
And we aim to please.

"I Want" Poem by Adrienne C.
I want to quiety sip tea
Hear the chatter of British accents
Ride in the red double decker busses
As I watch the bobbies walk around.

I want to go down under
See the coral and stunning fish
Enjoy the music at the opera house
As I look at the kangaroo and her joey.

I want to ride in a gondola
Visit the lucious vineyards
Take a stroll through the Coliseum
As I imagine the fearless gladiators.

I want to take a journey on the Nile
Read the ancient hieroglyphics
Look into the immense tombs
As I listen to stories of the pharaohs.

I want to catch exotic butterflies
Watch the jaguar creep through the brush
Hear the sound of the rushing Amazon
As I envision the barbaric piranhas.

I want to tour the world
Seek the answers of the past
Live in the eventful present
As I dream of the mysterious future.

"I Want" Poem by Lauren S.
I want you to open your eyes,
Not to be awake, but to be aware.
See not a child, but a life;
See not a relationship, but a love.

I want you to open your eyes,
Look through the plastered smile.
See not a person, but a heart;
See not a face, but a truth.

I want you to open your eyes,
Realize what is behind the wall.
See not a color, but a touch;
See not an age, but a compassion.

I want you to open your eyes,
Take in the world around you.
Then maybe you will be aware.

"I Want" Poem by Jacob M.
I want nothingness
A void in an abyss
I want a lack of things
Never cluttering up anything
I want a lack of people
A silence everlasting
I want a lack of places
No more traveling
No more anything
I want a lack of internal bleeding
Never bleeding ink or blood
I want nothing.

"I Want" Poem by Alex C.
I want to stand in front of a crowd of people
Gawking, eyes and ears on me.
I want to tell them who I am
Unashamed to be myself.
I want to be proud,
Take a stand, let them see,
I'm more than a body, a girl, a violet shrinking.
I want to strong, daring, courageous,
Sword held high. Amazon awakened in me.
I want to write forever
Sculpting stories into statues.
I want to be an artist
Painting, drawing, and weaving
All for creation, of pieces of me.

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